Putting Organizations in Control of Their Data


DEXUSshield™ – Simplified Sharing of Sensitive Information

Your systems, your data
In today’s world, it’s critical to protect your information and that of your customers while still having an efficient way to share specific data with those that need it.  With DEXUSshield™, businesses can protect sensitive information without sacrificing the ease of sharing of data with authorized employees and business partners. DEXUSshield™ permits customers to encrypt data at rest and selectively share only the information that authorized individuals and businesses have a need to see.  

Maximize your machine integrations
Get more out of your API integrations. DEXUSshield™ transmits and receives secure data from a single API integration, allowing your business to focus on value-added customer work.

Protect what’s yours
Keep your data under lock and key. DEXUSshield™ protects your data from accidental disclosures and targeted security breaches. In the event of an unauthorized access, only encrypted data is visible, rendering it useless to prying eyes.

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