About Mockingbird Ventures

Mockingbird Ventures, LLC is a data security solutions company dedicated to providing advanced on-demand information encryption and data sharing technologies that serve clients across a wide range of industries. 
The company’s recently patented DEXUSshield™ solution (U.S. Patent No. 11,025,598) enables real-time encryption, decryption and exchange of sensitive electronic data based on specific permissions provided by the data owner to recipients without the disclosure of private keys. DEXUS® is the company’s machine data exchange platform that allows for secure transfer of sensitive information.
These solutions enable clients to utilize advanced connectivity while sharing only the data needed.  DEXUSshield™ also provides an important additional level of data security in the fight to protect organizations from ransomware attacks and other forms of data leaks. 
Originally conceived as a way to help equipment fleet owners share important telematics data on their vehicles with OEM’s without also providing information deemed to be confidential, Mockingbird Ventures’ solutions can be broadly applied to a broad range of industry and public-sector settings. 
Clients can make use of Mockingbird Ventures’ API-enabled platform, which requires minimal code changes on the part of the client, to request specific data from its partner. The request is then relayed to the data owner, which delivers the information to Mockingbird Ventures’ DEXUS® “data vault” where the data is selectively decrypted based on specific permissions granted to the recipient. For those organizations that want sensitive data to remain in their control at all times, DEXUSshield™ technology can be licensed through Mockingbird Ventures.

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