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A Digital Bank Vault

How do we create a digital version of a safe to store all of our valuables in case our locked doors and windows do not keep the burglars out? The answer to this question has been obvious for quite some time. In fact, it has been used successfully to prevent prying eyes from reading our…

A safe with its combination written on a notepad is not really a safe!

On the previous post we discussed the ultimate ineffectiveness of edge defenses when it comes to protecting digital assets and the need to protect the assets themselves using encryption. To be clear, it is crucial to have the best edge defenses available to try and prevent any unauthorized access to the programs and data on…

Data Encryption – The Ultimate Defense Against Loss of Data

The headlines are clear. We have a serious problem with data protection despite all the talk about cyber security. Up until now, all efforts to protect digital assets have been concentrated on edge protection, from firewalls, to intrusion detection; the end result is that our defense systems are creating what has been defined as a…

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