Lori Cobb

•Over 30 years experience  spanning finance, operations, distribution, and customer experience with Fortune 500 senior executive roles

•Strong background in digital service tool development and digitizing service operations

•Launched Fortune 200 company’s first revenue-producing digital products

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Ugo Ferrante

•Over 30 years experience in IT leading transformational initiatives in Fortune 500 and Fortune 200 Global Organizations

•Extensive experience in operations optimization leveraging  technology

•Launched first IoT program for automotive manufacturer and implemented its first true cloud solution

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Cameron Laghaeian

A short bio with personal history, key achievements, or

•Over 40 years experience in Information Technology, with 20 years as senior executive in multinational corporations spanning  various industries

•Passionate at the adoption and application of new technologies in a pragmatic manner

•Extensive experience in cloud-based data collection, reporting and application of machine learning tools

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Mockingbird Ventures enables the power of connectivity while respecting customer privacy. We empower our customers to select which IOT data is shared with others and we simplify the infrastructure. Our vision is to be the safest, best way to share IOT data.

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